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Recover from addiction.
We can help!
  - Resume a quality life
  - Patch up with family
  - Make sober choices
  - Manage life and career
  - Restore self-respect


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Venice Outpatient Services - Providing quality care and affordability on a flexible schedule.


Staying clean and sober is hard work. Why try to conquer your addiction alone when Venice Outpatient Services is here to help. Our outpatient is intended for a wide variety of candidates including but not limited to individuals struggling with drug/alcohol dependency, men/women transitioning out of an inpatient facility, those looking for a program while handling a DUI case, and people who are currently in sober living and looking to surround themselves with peers who have similar goals and ambitions.

Accountability is a very important character trait in recovery. The more time clean and sober you have the easier it will most likely be to become accountable for your actions. During the early stages Venice Outpatient Services provides this sense of accountability needed to stay away from that first drink or drug. When you have an overwhelming support team the obsession to self-destruct seems to diminish tremendously.

Enjoyment is the key to accomplishing anything long term. At Venice Outpatient Services we know that if recovery isn't fun then you won't want to continue sobriety. We put an emphasis on the fact that when you get clean your life is not over, but rather just beginning. It can take time learning to enjoy life again and Venice Outpatient Services is devoted to help you along the way.

Knowledge is power. Our counselors know how you feel. They know the thoughts running through your head and the anxiety that possibly accompanies your every move. Venice Outpatient Services is here to answer any questions regarding your recovery and we strive to provide quality advice and support. The exquisite staff is willing to teach you everything they have learned about overcoming addiction in hopes it will benefit you on your journey.


Venice Outpatient Services is looking for new members to join our team.  Help us advocate for sobriety!

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We have a mission to help those who have lost hope.
We have a vision of a cleaner, more peaceful society.

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